EinScan H – Multipurpose Hybrid Handheld 3D Scanner

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The EinScan H provides hybrid infrared and LED light scanning, creating a solution for difficult to scan surfaces while delivering high quality full-color 3D data within minutes.

Key Features:
  • Handheld Hybrid Infrared / LED 3D Scanner
  • 20 frames per second scan speed
  • 1,200,000 max points per second
  • Full color texture capturing included
  • Ideal for full color scanning of objects, difficult to scan dark surfaces, and head / body scans including hair
Package Includes:
  • EinScan H Scanner
  • Solid Edge Shining 3D OEM Edition Single Seat License
Hardware Recommendations:
  • Intel Core i7-8700 or higher processor
  • NVIDIA GTX/RTX series graphics cards, higher or equal to GTX 1080 with at least 960 CUDA cores
  • 4 GB minimum VRAM and 32 GB minimum RAM
  • USB 3.0 connection

Supported OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
Please Note: Not compatible with AMD processors.

Product Description

EinScan H

Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source – Handheld Color 3D Scanner for various medial, AR/VR, fashion and various applications

With technical accumulation on 3D vision technology for more than a decade, SHINING 3D is now introducing its newly developed handheld 3D scanner, EinScan H. Based on hybrid structured light technology using LED and invisible infrared light, EinScan H is making human face scanning more comfortable by removing the need for strong light. With a built-in color camera and large field of view, EinScan H provides high quality 3D data with full color and is ready-to-use in minutes.

Infrared & Structured Light Hybrid Light Source

Hybrid structured light source technology integrates LED structured light and invisible infrared light into one device and adds advanced smart presetting in different scan modes. This allows for 3D scanning a broad range of applications and promotes the functionality of portable 3D scanning technology.

Human Scanning with Hair Acquisition

Invisible infrared light provides a reliable solution to the problem of acquiring dark-coloured objects and enables easy scan acquisition of human hair.

Invisible Light 3D Scanning Experience

The new face scanning mode adopts invisible infrared light, enabling a safe and comfortable scanning process.

3D Model Of Arm Scanned By EinScan H

3D Model Of Sofa Scanned By EinScan H

3D Model Of Oil Painting Scanned By EinScan H

Fine Details

Impressive high resolution reaches up to 0.25 mm. EinScan H captures full geometry of objects such as artwork and furniture with fine details. The high accuracy of scanned data reaches up to 0.05 mm, and volumetric accuracy of 0.1 mm/m improves the precision of 3D modeling in dense point cloud or polygon meshes.

Fast Scanning

Scan speeds up to 1,200,000 points/second and large scan field of view of 420*440 mm ensures fast 3D scanning of large objects. An optimized alignment algorithm enables efficient alignment despite small movements of the object or person being scanned.

Full-Color Reproduction

The built-in color camera supports full color texture capturing and tracking by texture.

Portable & Easy Operation

Intuitive and user-friendly software provides easy operation for professional users and beginners alike. Easy to own, easy to use.

Weight: 703 g

Technical Specifications

* Volumetric accuracy refers to the relationship between 3D data accuracy and object size; the accuracy is reduced by 0.1mm per 100cm (standard scan & body scan). The conclusion is obtained by measuring the center of sphere under marker alignment.

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg


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